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Stockist Terms and Conditions

Retailer accepts responsibility for goods immediately upon delivery to mailing address. Retailer must inspect goods and report any defects or issues within 5 days of receipt.
Payment is due upon receipt of goods unless agreed upon in writing. If payment is not made when due Retailer authorizes Maho to charge any credit card on file. All overdue payments will be subject to a 15% per month fee. In the event of unpaid invoices over 90 days, Maho will be entitled to its costs of collection including reasonable attorneys' fees and costs, and may institute legal proceedings in Baldwin County, Alabama for purposes of collection.
Retailer’s advertised price of the Products shall not be less
than the current Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) as published on mahoshades.com.
Retailer acknowledges Maho has provided a display fixture, and agrees to: (a) utilize the display for Maho products only and for no other brands, (b) keep the display in the same condition as it was delivered, (c) properly affix POP and signage to the display as directed by Maho, and (d) return the display to Maho at Retailer’s cost in good condition upon Maho’s request.
Any exchange or swapping of products may be done only if agreed upon in advance by Maho, and the cost of shipping related to any exchange shall be borne exclusively by Retailer.