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Our Story

After years of working as a corporate lawyer and a designer, my husband Kris and I packed it all up and moved to the Virgin Islands to live our dream in the sun and the sea.

We lived in swimsuits and sunglasses, but always had a problem paying $250-400 for a quality pair of polarized shades, especially when we lost them. Why did this simple product cost as much as a plane ticket to the Caribbean?

The eyewear industry, consolidated in the hands of a single monopoly, was a mess. We could either find cool frames with awful lenses, or great optics with lame style. Seldom did cool style intersect with superlative lenses, and the product was always too expensive.

To launch Maho (named for our favorite bay on St. John), we spent a year planning, designing, and prototyping a better product in the Caribbean sun. We traveled around the world establishing direct relationships with suppliers. We cut middlemen and inefficiency at every turn. Maho is now well-known for stylish, optically superior, and incredibly comfortable products. We are incredibly proud to deliver our shades at a reasonable price with a lifetime warranty.

When we had our son Whit, we moved from the Virgin Islands to the white sand beaches of the Gulf Coast to be close to family. Since then, Maho has thrived, adding talented employees, expanding throughout the continental US, and continuing to make better and better shades. We thank you for your support, and hope you tell your friends.


Alex Anderson

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