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Lifetime Warranty

If your Mahos are ever damaged for any reason (such as sitting on them, crushing them, scratching the lenses, getting punched in the face on a golf course by a game show celebrity, etc.) we will replace them for a flat fee of $50.00. 

Maho sunglasses are covered by our Lifetime Warranty provided that (a) the warranty claim is made by the original purchaser, (b) the product was purchased at full price or a discount of less than 40% off, and (c) if purchased from a retailer, you have the receipt. Lost or stolen products are not eligible.

In order to begin the Lifetime Warranty repair/replacement process, simply mail your damaged product in a protected box to our Mailing Address at 4751 Main Street, Suite F-119, Orange Beach, AL 36561 pay the Warranty Fee here, and input:

-the mailing address for your replacement pair

-the frame style and color you are sending in

-and a description of the damage when you check out.

Allow for about 10 days from the date you mail your old pair for us to receive, repair or replace, and ship back to you.