About Maho Shades

Maho is a product driven eyewear company with a passion for the outdoor experience. Born in the Virgin Islands and raised on the Gulf Coast, Maho was conceived from the idea that the ideal eyewear would combine sportfishing quality optics with incredibly comfortable, classically designed frames. Maho products are built for the endless summer of the islands, and inspired by our own travels around the globe.

Design Driven

At Maho, our design process starts by refining vintage, universally flattering eyewear silhouettes into basic forms and clean lines. We then combine those timeless lines and shapes with cues from modern architecture, furniture design, and automobiles to formulate clean, modern classics -- stripped of unnecessary ornamentation and gaudy logos.

Our focus on design prioritizes comfort and durability. Maho frames are all built with the finest zyl acetates and metals, and combined with the most technically advanced polarized optics on the market.

Maho Shades - Design Driven Mandalay Sunglasses
Maho Shades - Hand Made Mandalay Sunglasses Back

Handmade vs. Injection-Molded

The typical sunglass frame is created by injecting hot petroleum-based plastic into a mold. In contrast, every pair of Mahos is hand-tooled from a sheet of zyl acetate, then formed by expert craftsmen to perfectly match its intended silhouette. We then check the result with a micrometer to a tolerance of 1/100th of an inch, and then hand finish the frames. The resulting craftsmanship is immediately evident to even a casual observer and a world apart from assembly line injection molded frames.


All Mahos are outfitted with our signature OceanView Lenses for superior visual comfort and eye protection. The Virgin Islands are one of the most lush, beautiful locales on earth, complete with stunning turquoise Caribbean water. The intense, unyielding sunlight requires the most advanced optical technology in order to fully appreciate the beauty of the water.

That’s why rather than pairing Maho frames with stock lenses, we’ve designed OceanView lenses to go beyond blocking glare and 100% of harmful UV rays to enhance nature’s vivid colors in extraordinary detail.

Maho Shades - Polarized Sunglasses, RX, Handmade, Hypoallergenic

Ultra-Durable Shatterproof Polyamide Nylon

Traditional lenses have been made from polycarbonate plastic, mineral glass, or CR39 plastic. Mineral glass and CR39 can crack or shatter, making them potentially dangerous for your eyes during outdoor high-impact activities. Polycarbonate is tough and durable, but has poor clarity. Maho OceanView lenses utilize polyamide nylon, which is extremely tough, durable, and scratch resistant, but also as clear and vibrant as the human eye can perceive.

Glare Elimination

Glare fades colors, reduces detail, and causes eye strain and fatigue. Maho OceanView Lenses eliminate over 99% of glare, allowing you to experience the outdoors at their best.

Color Enhancement

Most sunglasses simply darken the wearer’s view. OceanView lenses enhance your view by saturating the colors you naturally perceive, so you achieve better contrast and greater depth perception.

Eye Health

Your eyes demand protection from exposure to the sun’s rays. OceanView Lenses eliminate 100% of UV radiation, and protect against eye strain caused by glare, reflection, and distortion. In addition, our OceanView blue mirror lenses contain an additional blue light blocking layer that reduces harmful blue light, which has been shown to cause macular degeneration and other eye health problems.

Maho Shades - Handmade Polarized Sunglasses