Hello! Here are some helpful instructions for setting up new pages to edit in the customizer.

Add your new page the same way as usual, in the "Pages" admin area. The only difference is that for these pages, you select the template "page.with-sections" from the dropdown list in the "Template" box to the right. ---->

After you have created your page, go into Online Store/Themes. Click the ellipses in the top right corner of your published theme, and select the "Edit HTML/CSS" option.

In the list of files in the left side of the theme editor, look under the header "Templates," and select the file "page.with-sections.liquid."
Copy the following code, and paste it into the file, underneath the <!-- add new pages here --> tag:

{% elsif page.handle == 'your-page' %}
{% section 'your-page' %}

Replace "your-page" with the title of your new page (leave the single quotes, and be sure to use hyphens between your words). If you need to double check, look at the bottom of the page template you just created (or directly below in this page template), in the box labeled, "Search engine listing preview." The way your page title is hyphenated in the URL listed is the way you want it in the code above. There is another example waiting in the file if you need it! 

Save the "page.with-sections.liquid" file, and close it. Then, look under the header "Sections," and select "about.liquid."

You also want to click the "Add a new section" option under the "Sections" header. Title your new section with the same name as your new page, and ending ".liquid"


Copy the contents of the "about.liquid" file, and paste it into the new "your-page.liquid" file. Save your section file, and close all open files.

Click the "Customize Theme" link in the top right corner. Go to your new page, and get to work! 

If you have any questions, feel free to call or email me. And if you'd rather me set the new pages up for you, that is totally fine too! These directions are just incase I run away with a famous musician, and disappear forever. This way, you never have to wait on me!