We know the sun.  Maho was born in the U.S. Virgin Islands where the tropical sun is nearly endless.  Boating, fishing, and being on the water are simply our way of life, so quality shades are imperative.  After losing too many pairs of $200+brand-name polarized sunglasses to the sea, we decided enough was enough.  

At Maho, we have designed the most durable, super-premium, polarized sunglasses available on the market anywhere, in the classic styles that sun-seeking islanders, surfers, climbers, hikers, and thrill-seekers like us love.  We've built sunglasses to last for years, but at a price that allows you to replace them if they happen to disappear somewhere beautiful and blue.

Did we mention they are only $40-60?  With free shipping, free returns, and an outrageously good lifetime warranty, why not take the plunge and try a pair today?

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