Lifetime Warranty for Your Sunglasses

With Maho Shades, your sunglasses are covered under a lifetime warranty, meaning they can be replaced at any time as long as you, the original purchaser, still have them.

Your Sunglass Lifetime Guarantee Starts Here

If your Mahos are ever damaged for any reason - whether your kids pulled the arms just a little too far (we understand this dilemma all too well), you dropped them lens-first onto the tennis court, or they were scratched on your last exotic getaway - we will repair or replace them for a low flat fee of $40. A lifetime replacement for sunglasses should always be as simple as that.

To get started with a repair or replacement, just add our lifetime warranty to your cart. Once you've made your purchase, you may send your Maho sunglasses back to us at any time, and we will fix them up within 2-3 days!