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We could never find high quality polarized lenses paired with high quality, retro frames, so we founded Maho.
Every pair is designed on the Gulf Coast for life on the water, inspired by travel and architecture, and handmade in family-run factories.

Traditional lenses are made from polycarbonate plastic, mineral glass, or CR39 plastic. Mineral glass and CR39 can crack or shatter, making them potentially dangerous for your eyes during outdoor high-impact activities. Polycarbonate is tough and durable, but has poor clarity. Maho Ultramarine lenses utilize premium trivex, which is extremely tough, durable, and scratch resistant, but also as clear and vibrant as the human eye can perceive.

Glare fades colors, reduces detail, and causes eye strain and fatigue. Maho's polarized lenses eliminate over 99% of glare, allowing you to experience the outdoors at their best.

Maho Shades - Trivex and Polarized Lenses
Maho Shades - AR Coating and Liquid Repellent Lenses

All of our lenses are treated with an anti-reflective coating that reduces the light that comes through the back of the frame. Our AR coating reduces glare and increases comfort and clarity.

Sweat and water are not welcome on our lenses. Our lenses are treated with a special layer that helps repel water and oil.

Maho Shades - Color Enhancement Lenses

Most sunglasses simply darken the wearer’s view. Maho lenses enhance your view by saturating the colors you naturally perceive, so you achieve better contrast and greater depth perception.

Your eyes demand protection from exposure to the sun’s rays. Maho lenses eliminate 100% of UVA/UVB radiation, and protect against eye strain caused by glare, reflection, and distortion.

The king of eyewear materials, Zyl acetate is a high quality material derived from wood pulp and natural cotton fibers -- both renewable resources. Unlike plastic frames, Zyl’s color will not fade over time as the hue is engrained in the material rather than printed or sprayed on. It is the standard material in high-end fashion frames because the color never peels or fades. Zyl is smooth, lightweight, and best of all -- keeps the wearer from putting petroleum-based products directly on the skin.

Maho Shades, sunglasses and a scenic view
Maho Shades, RX and hypoallergenic

Maho’s handmade Zyl acetate frames permit any sun lens to be swapped out for a prescription lens. Your local optician will always prefer to work with handmade frames, because Zyl acetate can be heated and molded to achieve a perfect fit for any face. Maho utilizes its own lab, so that you can also order prescription lenses directly through our site.

People with sensitive skin often have trouble with common eyewear made from petroleum-based plastic and low quality metals. Maho’s handmade Zyl acetate frames and stainless steel hardware are hypoallergenic -- so anyone can wear and enjoy them for a lifetime.

Maho Shades, Italian hinges

Many sunglasses are made with spring hinges that are likely to break over loosen over time. All Maho frames are built with riveted and barreled surgical stainless steel 316L hinges for a lifetime of adventures outdoors.

Maho Shades, sunglasses on the beach Maho Shades, lifestyle beach photo Maho Shades, Gulf waves

Where We Are

Maho is located in sunny Orange Beach, Alabama, on the white sands of the Gulf Coast. The Gulf Coast has some of the finest natural scenery on earth, and never stops inspiring us. Our products and brand identity are guided by our love for the water, as well as a bit of Southern flair.


Do you have a passion for creating the best product possible, defeating Goliath, and the outdoors? Then drop us a line. We are constantly searching for innovative, creative, and hard-working individuals to help build Maho into a global brand.

Maho Shades, floats and fun photo


Our shades are sold by retailers across the country who love quality, comfort, and independence. You can find Maho at resorts, surf shops, high-end boutiques, and leading national retailers.

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