Buenos Aires Onyx Blue Light


Buenos Aires is a bold, iconic frame inspired by Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Nine out of ten gauchos agree this frame makes you look like a total badass, and that tenth gaucho was just peanut butter and jealous.  After we designed these we spent a week alternating between patting ourselves on the back and high-fiving each other.

  • Onyx Handmade Zyl Acetate Polished Finish
  • Ships within 24-48 hours w/o prescription, or 7 days w/ prescription
  • Size: 50-20-145 (fits small and medium faces)

These frames include blue-light filtering lenses, with or without a prescription, that help reduce eye fatigue and overexposure to high-energy blue light that can lead to macular degeneration and retinal damage.

Our lens technology is designed to effectively filter high-energy blue light without affecting the color or clarity of a virtually clear lens. That means our blue-light blocking Digital Specs provide the same exceptional visual acuity you’ve come to expect from Maho, with added protection from digital-age eye strain.